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The Grand Tour Season 2 Starting on 8th decemebr

The Grand Tour season 2 is arriving on 8th December 2018. You can watch the antics of trio of Orangutan (Jeremy Clarckson ), Big man ( Richards Hammond) and Fastest man( James May) on Amazon prime video service. So if have not subscribed to it then go ahead and do yourself a favor if you love cars. Or are fan of old top gear and the trio or anyone of them.

Jeremy Clarckson,Richard Hammond and James May

The Grand Tour trailer

The team Grand Tour announced the streaming date along with trailer on tweeter and other social platforms.

The second season comes after Richard Hammond recovered from a serious accident while filming a stunt in the Swiss Alps.  And Clarkson recovered from pneumonia, only returning to work in September.

The new season, which will be released in weekly installments, will see the pair and James May travel across five continents with filming in Mozambique, Dubai, Spain, Colorado and New York. The trio will drive cars including the new Bugutti Chiron, motorbikes and a raft of other vehicles.

What is Grand Tour

For some who unaware of the auto world and don’t love cars and never seen top gear. Or who the hell Jeremy Clarckson, Richards Hammond and James May are? I am writing down a brief description.

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series for Amazon Video presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and produced by Andy Wilman.  The four agreed to produce the series following their departures from the BBC series Top Gear with an initial agreement of 36 episodes over three years. Season one consisted of 12 episodes streamed weekly to those with Amazon Prime accounts in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Austria and Japan, beginning 18 November 2016. In the days following the launch it became Amazon Video’s most watched premiere episode.  As of December 2016 the show was made available to an additional 195 countries and various territories.

The American is out

he americanViewers of the inaugural season of The Grand Tour will remember the show’s own version of The Stig as NASCAR driver Mike Skinner: The American. But it seems like for the upcoming second season of the show, Skinner is out. As he tweeted that he is not coming back to season 2. And that is okay with me as I never liked the poor imitation of original Stig in first place.

So get ready for for more exciting second season of grand tour. As Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for a new season of the world’s greatest show about three middle-aged men rampaging around the world having unusual adventures, driving amazing cars, and engaging in a constant argument about which of them is the biggest idiot.  Although it’s also the only show that combines these things so the ‘greatest’ title is pretty much uncontested.

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