The Grand Tour season-2

The Grand Tour season 2 : Red light, museum and A crash

The Grand Tour has returned for season 2 last night along with the trio of the Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. What is season two about? There are few things like the travelling tent has been fixed in a single place, a new segment called ” celebrity face off”. And lots of old stuff like three ancient creatures and their goofiness.

But as the Jeremy aptly described during the first episode, The Grand Tour is all about three old people fooling around in ultra-expensive toys in exotic locations. Let’s divide this review in three parts exciting, boring and the verdict.

The Exciting part

For some one like me who is following this trio from the first season of Top gear, it’s very difficult to get excited because they have done so much of exciting stuff that it’s hard to top that. Still there were some enjoyable moments.

As this episode was primarily about comparing (fooling around in) three supercar with different hearts. A Lamborghini Aventador with gasoline V8 representing old world, a Honda hybrid representing the present and a Rimac, a electric supercar as a candidate from future in Switzerland.

A red light

Putting a quite funny thing about the Swiss, The team had to stand at a red-light just in front of a tunnel for some considerable time in their supercars only to realise that tunnel is close. As their was no sign board there indicated that tunnel is closed indeed.

The Museum

It was a museum like any other museum about cars and history. With lots of ancient automobiles on display. What made it exciting though was how you interact with these ancient beings. They were displayed like in a modern day parking lot and there was a large touchscreen kiosk in front of that. So what you to do was choose the car or bike you want to see and it come near you and will be displayed in 3-D rotation.

And the Accident

There were news earlier that Richard Hammond had injured himself while shooting for The Grand Tour in Switzerland. Well guys this was that accident. As Hammond loose control of his EV supercar and toppled from the hill and set it on fire. I would say this was pure exciting stuff.

Now move on to boring stuff

As was lots of boring stuff so I would describe in bullet points and for details please watch the show.

  • Jeremy Clarkson gets pneumonia
  • James May gets his identity stolen and he got a hair cut.
  • Hammond survived
  • Face-off was really boring
  • The streets manoeuvres
  • The shortcut
  • Lamborghini loses a tyre
  • And also loses to a electric car
  • Hammond is a idiot
  • And finally Jeremy on healthy diet

The verdict

Although it was full of moments but not best from the trio. But still the best car show and definitely most expensive show. Or is it? Decide for yourself. Can watch on Amazon Prime video.

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