The Grand Tour review

The Grand Tour review : An Orangutan test drive a Bugatti Chiron

The Grand Tour review for the episode 3 of season 2 involves a lots of boring stuff as usual. Such as an orangutan test drive a Bugatti Chiron, Mr. slow win against the couple of skate boards, there is a Christmas tree in the tent, a race track for boring people, Man with bear can drive fast and finally Richard Hammond is still injured.

Lets get with the review.

Men vs Machine

James May AKA Mr. Slow  tried to review of the 40000 pound sports saloon The Kia Stinger in a way that was bit odd to him. That was by going fast. One thing to keep in mind is that he was substituting for the little man with a broken leg. Although with little more money you can buy a Jag still May tried to prove that Stinger is pretty much as boring. So he decided to run it against something that does not have a engine and zero horse power. but it still can do more than 75 mph. It does not even have proper chassis leave alone a body with very tiny wheels. But it was a very fare competition of 330 hp vs 0 hp. And Our Mr. Slow win handsomely may be for the first time.

It’s Christmas time

It is Christmas time so was on the Grand Tour. But it seems our trio did not had that much time to decorate the tent. Anyhow they still find the time to put up a Christmas tree decorated with tail lights, turn indicators and spoiler lights. But it seems Mr. Clarkson got confused with the occasion as usual.

It is not Christmas if not for gifts. But the little need memo to remind him that Christmas means gifts. Any way the older guys remember him and brought him lots of gifts that he can’t use. And Jeremy give May a gift that solves his own problem. Merry Christmas guys! oh I am not finished yet.

Men with bears

It was bear time on the celebrity Face-off this time. From America it was Mr. Anderson who lives with a 800 pound bear and from Britain Mr. Hugh Bonneville bring along  the famous Paddington bear. And for the first time a American has won this round. Well done man with real bear.

A Grand Tour review : The Bugatti Chiron

At last time for the Orangutan to test drive the The Bugatti Chiron. He drives it from highway to city to mountains to skies to finally arriving on a date without any jet leg. He gave us some known fact about the Chiron, like how fast it is, lots of luggage space and the price. blah. blah… Also a beating a BMW for quarter-mile. Seriously?????

Its seems they have to tool down they plan of a race between a helicopter and a Chiron to ability of Richard Hammond of lack of it two drive an Electric supercar on a curve. But it was still the best episode of three till now. So stay updated and keep reading The Autolane.

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