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The Grand Tour : A handicapped, A breathless and an Orangutan

Yes I am little late with my review of  episode 2 of season 2 of The Grand Tour as I was busy attending some family things. So let get on with the review. The Grand Tour trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James may And Richard Hammond are back with some new trick (old trick in a new car) and banter. So what we have in this episode? A lot of thing like Clarkson calls May a V****%, Richard Hammond is a cripple now and for once James May is running. So let get along with the things, first the race

Ford GT 40 vs Handicapped James may

This is not a new thing from the trio as they have done it thousands of time on top gear (little exaggerated). A idea from Mr. Orangutan to know how fast (car review) is actually the new Ford GT 40 is.

He challenged Mr. slow to beat him in the GT 40 to Niagara fall using public transport. And to make his chances of winning more favorable he further slow down Mr. slow by tagging him a crippled Richard Hammond. Don’t want to spoil for you any further enjoy this part as it some very good moments.

Self driving car can be bullied into the river

Move on to a conversation street part, where trio is discussing that how far are self driver cars in the future. Also some of basic glitch in its core programming. Of course they were making fun of it but it is clearly a possibility. That a man can bully a car into the river as it can not run over the human beings.

Cricket is faster than Baseball


It was Kevin Peterson (cricket) and Brian Wilson (Baseball), in the celebrity face-off this time. And it was Mr. Cricketer who win it on the track and America loose again. But the entertainer award definitely goes to Mr. Baseball. I think this section is the best addition to The Grand Tour.

A lime green AMG GTR on Grand Tour


How will you call a show a car show if does does not review a car. Ok they have already done for GT 40 in their on way but common there is always space for one more. This time Clarkson took a lime green AMG GTR to the track and unhappy with its Porsche like characteristics and why show should anybody by it if it is does not eat its tires.  On this bombshell I will say goodbye till the next time and keep reading The Autolane.

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