The Grand Jaguar Tour

The Grand Jaguar Tour : Time to prove the Reliability

The Grand Jaguar Tour was perfect example to demonstrate that how one should never rely on the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to promote your brand or is it? Lets find out . This Episode explains the real purpose of sunroof in cars, Jaguar is for thieves, Canadian can be British, a warning to fire department and James may is Immortal. Lets start the review with this.

Out for reliability

The group of three idiots take it in their hands to prove that old Jaguar were fantastic and ever reliable. They brought three pieces of junk from the struggling days of Jaguar. The Car(ap)s were XK8 , XJR and 420 and a few replacing them. And they proved the reliability of car very sincerely or at least tried to. They tested them in all weather conditions from dirt to snow and even flying one of them.

James May is Immortal

Beside proving that Jaguars are ever (un)reliable, this episode of The Grand Jaguar Tour proved that James may is actually Immortal. He flied his car over the hill, a very steep one not a scratch. He sunk into cold lake proves that he does not need oxygen to survive.

Canadian is British

Mr.Sutherland might not have crashed 3.2 billion worth of cars. But he definitely beats Luke Evans when it comes to be at behind wheels. And in the process prove that a Canadian Citizen can be a British.

When go for skiing, take a Jaguar along.

Reliable or not. Good looking or not. Car for villains or not. Fast or not. But Jaguar is definitely a car for skiing. Just take it to top and let it ski. Don’t forget to go in group and pipe link them while driving them up to the hill. Watch it for yourself at Amazon Prime.

Jaguar: Car for villains or petty thieves

Car for villain might be the marketing theme for Jaguar. But they should not have trusted The Grand Jaguar Tour trio to understand and interpret properly on their own. They thought that Jaguars are for petty thieves instead. Keep yourself updated on motor world at The Autolane .




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