Tesla Roadster: Magic or Magician’s trick

Elon Musk unveiled the 2nd Generation Tesla Roadster with some true astonishing specs. Roadster was unveiled alongside the first electric truck from Tesla.

It is a revival of the sports car that established Tesla’s reputation as a premium electric car manufacture. That first effort, was built with heavy assistance from Lotus Cars in Britain.  However it has become somewhat of a distant memory since production ended in 2012.

Now, Tesla wants their halo car to show some Magic and lay dust to gasoline super-cars.

The Magic Part

Tesla Roadster

What is the biggest magic you ever seen. It is the vanishing act.  When the magician vanishes him/herself or make some other thing/person to do so. If we believe what Elon Musk said about the car, then Roadster is very capable to perform disappearing in a Flash act. And may do it for other super-cars in totally different sense. Just look at the numbers.

  • Roadster0-60 in 1.9 second. That make fastest accelerating car (production) in the world. It even beats the mighty Porsche 918 spyder (0-60 in 2.2 s) . And with price starting at 200 grands it  comes at one-fourth of the price of Porsche (almost 800 grands).
  • 0-100 in 4.2. Again Fastest. Fun fact- You can buy 15 Roadster on the price of Bugatti Chiron.
  • Fastest 1/4 mile at 8.9 sec. Making it first car to do quarter mile under 9 sec barrier.
  • A top speed of more than 250 mph supported by three electric motors and 200 kw of electric power. Musk will definitely go for the top speed record of 277.87 mph set by Koenigsegg Agera RS, if possible as car is only coming in 2020.
  • Range of more than 1000 km and seat for four ( 2 squashed ones) with load of space for your luggage. Its more than practical in comparison with other super cars.

What I think ? I think  theoretically it can very well perform both the acts. Run electric (silent) and 0-60 under 2 s, it will disappear in a blink. And with the hyper-car specs at penny of worth price , it may not only give Gasoline super-cars a smack down as said by Musk but register them in the list of endangered species. But nah! it don’t looks even a small bit as sexy as Chiron or 918.

Tesla Roadster : Magician’s trick

To be honest it was Magician’s trick to divert people (investors) attention from Model 3 production woes and employment controversy. Also some what worked as a fundraising drive for Tesla’s most loyal, trusting, and wealthiest customers as Tesla  was running short on cash.


There was no point talking about these world beating specs right now as Tesla Roadster is due only in 2020 more than full two years away. That also if Tesla is on time, that’s hardly a thing for it. So the question is whether it was a successful magician’s trick? I would say yes. Look at headlines they have changed from pessimistic to optimistic. From Crisis Tesla to awesome Tesla. Does the Model 3 production problem solved? NO. But world somehow forget it for time being? seems so.

This event may breather to Elon Musk and its Team for a while and they maybe able to solve the problem. And better they do because competition is coming very fast to them and they may not have first mover advantage for long.

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