• The Grand Tour review

    The Grand Tour review : An Orangutan test drive a Bugatti Chiron

    The Grand Tour review for the episode 3 of season 2 involves a lots of boring stuff as usual. Such as an orangutan test drive a Bugatti Chiron, Mr. slow win against the couple of skate boards, there is a Christmas tree in the tent, a race track for boring people, Man with bear can drive fast and finally Richard Hammond is still injured. Lets get with the review. Men vs Machine James May AKA Mr. Slow¬† tried to review of the 40000 pound sports saloon The Kia Stinger in a way that was bit odd to him. That was by going fast. One thing to keep in mind is…

  • The-Grand-Tour-Season 2

    The Grand Tour Season 2 Starting on 8th decemebr

    The Grand Tour season 2 is arriving on 8th December 2018. You can watch the antics of trio of Orangutan (Jeremy Clarckson ), Big man ( Richards Hammond) and Fastest man( James May) on Amazon prime video service. So if have not subscribed to it then go ahead and do yourself a favor if you love cars. Or are fan of old top gear and the trio or anyone of them. The Grand Tour trailer The team Grand Tour announced the streaming date along with trailer on tweeter and other social platforms. 1 month to go. The start of #TheGrandTour Season 2 is only 30 days away. 8th December 2017.…

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