The Ferrari XX-K EVO Hypercar unveiled to commensurate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary

If to own a Ferrari is a privilege, then to possess an XX is a kind of apotheosis.These intriguing letters stand for the three Ferrari programmes dedicated to its most faithful customers who are lucky enough to drive cars produced in very limited numbers and exclusively for the track.The latest of these is the Ferrari XX-K Evo.

The Launch

Mugello – The Finali Mondiali provided the backdrop to the world premiere of the new FXX-K Evo which will be available both as an extremely limited-run model and as an upgrade package for the existing XX cars.This latest arrival marks a significant evolution of the XX programme launched in 2005.

As was the case with the Evo versions of the FXX and the 599 XX, the Ferrari FXX-K Evo benefits from an extensive package that applies innovative concepts derived from all of the various track categories in which Ferrari competes with its cars: the Formula 1, GT3, GTE and Challenge, the latter being the single-make championship bearing its name.

The Ferrari XX-K Evo, like all the previous XX cars, is not homologated for road use and will not be used in competition outside its dedicated programme.

Lighter and faster

Due to use of lots of carbon fiber,It is lighter car than the previous FXX-K despite introducing new elements such as the fixed rear wing. Now consider that the FXX K itself shed around 90kg from LaFerrari to weigh in at around 1,255kg. The Ferrari XX-K Evo also features an evolved aero package to push to the very limit the of the performance. All this make it go faster despite retaining the same engine producing around 1000 bhp.

The Power

It produces 1,036bhp, and over 664lb ft of torque from a 6.3-litre V12 and electric motor. The V12 alone pumps out just under 850bhp and 553lb ft of torque, while the motor adds a further 187bhp. Add that all together and you get a big number not afraid to keep you awake at night in a cold sweat. (And yes, it’s exactly the same as the regular FXX K. Deal with it – you really don’t need any more power.)

The Down-force

The FXX-K Evo’s aerodynamics deliver down-force figures very close to those of the cars competing in the GT3 and GTE championships. All to the advantage of lateral acceleration in cornering, stability and, ultimately, exhilarating driving pleasure. The FXX-K Evo’s down-force coefficient has been improved by 23% on the previous version. Which is in return equivalent to a 75% increase on the road car from which it is derived. Down-force of 640 kg is generated at 200 km/h. And exceeds 830 kg at the car’s red-line speed. The twin-profile rear wing is supported by two side fins as well as by a central fin. The latter plays a dual role: firstly it acts as a vertical fin, boosting stability at low yaw angles. And secondly, it supports the action of the three delta (triangular) vortex generators.

Few new things about Ferrari XX-K Evo.

Ferrari XX-K Evo

  • The significant increase in rear down-force demanded in-depth review of the design of the front bumpers. And under-body to guarantee a balanced development of the down-force.
  •  In the Ferrari XX-K Evo, a formula 1-derived with integrated gear-shifting paddles, the new steering wheel also sports the KERS Manettino.
  • The rear video camera screen to the right of the driver has been replaced with a larger 6.5” version. It also now displays data from a new telemetry system with clearer, more direct performance parameter. The driver can check the KERS status also.


Undergoing around 5,000 km of development runs and 15,000 km of reliability test-drives. The FXX-K EVO will be a very active protagonist in the XX Programme in the 2018/2019 season. Which spans nine track outings in all between the start of March and the end of October.

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