Dominar vs Apache RR 310 : Clash of the Titans

Dominar vs Apache RR 310 is clash of the titans in truest sense. As both these bikes have taken their makers Bajaj auto and TVS in never went before category and their best creations yet. Dominar and RR 310 are the first steps by respective motorcycle makers to take on big boys of high performance bikes like Ducati, Ninzas etc from across the globe. But that battle for another day, first they have to win Indian one. So who you gonna win this clash of titans.

Round one: The Design

There is fundamental difference between design approaches while they were were developed. The Dominar was developed in accordance of the ambition of Bajaj to take on Royal Enfield. Hence it is bit more balanced towards a highway cruiser than a racetrack bike. Its more of a naked street bike with less taxing position for the rider. That makes it a more practical bike than say Apache RR 310.

As RR 310 is developed with the first objective of a capable race track bike than anything else. And with full flare and aggressive seating position it looks like a race bike as well. But that make little less practical day to day bike in comparison to Bajaj Dominar.

This round goes to Bajaj Dominar for being a more practical design.

Round Two: The Style

Style is more of personal choice but a fully flared racing bike never go out of style. And with race Inspired Vertical Speedo-cum-Tacho with racing features like Lap timer, Top Speed Recorder, Launch time recorder and race diagnostics for a comprehensive post-ride analysis Apache 310 definitely have a cool gadget to show.  BI-LED TWIN PROJECTOR HEADLAMPS, and Snake Fangs inspired LED tail lights also add some more style marks.

While Dominar has a more of muscular personality. With full led head and tails lights it makes its road presence felt. Large contoured fuel tank to the masculine character of the bike.

This round goes to Apache RR 310.

Round Three: The Heart

At the Apache 310 heart is unique Reverse Inclined DOHC 312cc Engine. It is liquid cooled,producing 25 kW @ 9700 engine rpm (34 PS @ 9700 engine rpm) and Maximum torque of 27.3 Nm @ 7700 engine rpm. It comes with 6 speed forward speed gear box.

Dominar comes with 373 cc Fi, triple spark DTS i engine. It is also Liquid cool and produce Max power  35PS @8000 RPM and Max torque 35Nm @ 6500 RPM. Also power is delivered through 6 speed gear system. This power show award goes to Dominar.

Final Round:  Some notable specs and the Pocket impact.

Both have ample stopping power with disc brakes both at front and rear ends. Also both bikes have mono shock at the rear end and while Apache have USD and Dominar has Telescopic suspension system  at front.  Also both bikes have ABS at their disposal.

And Dominar cheaper than Apache 310 by more than 50 grands it seems this clash of titans is won easily by the Bajaj Dominar. But time will only tell, who is the winner.  So keep yourself updated at The Autolane

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