The Beautiful beast

Aston Martin Vantage : The beautiful Beast Unleashed

With bold and distinctive design, an athletic and predatory stance, I would say new Aston Martin Vantage is a Beautiful beast which can’t be caged anymore.This Aston Martin Vantage looks like a offspring of the beauty of DB10 and wildness of  AM Vulcan. And with a heart (4 litre twin turbo)  pumping  510PS into its limbs, it has to be unleashed.

Aston Martin Vantage. An evocative name for a magnificent bloodline of thoroughbred sports cars. For seven decades the heartbeat of Aston Martin’s purest models, the Vantage nameplate has been worn by some true icons. With a badge like Vantage to live up to pressure for developing  this car must be very high.

Aston Martin Vantage

And if we describe in  Aston Martin President Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer words, what was it like to create a new Aston Martin Vantage then as he said:

“It speaks volumes for the outgoing Vantage that it is the single most successful model in Aston Martin’s history. Creating a worthy successor has been a challenge to relish and a huge source of motivation. I’m enormously excited by what we’ve created: a new Vantage that’s more explicit in looks and intent, wrapping heart-pounding performance and dazzling dynamics into an everyday usable package. A true sports car with a sharper look and a keener dynamic edge, the new Vantage is the Aston Martin pure driving machine enthusiasts have been waiting for.”

Lets talk about Aston Martin Vantage Design

Design a successor to a car that is one of the best looking ever made must be challenging. As Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman said:

“New Vantage has the most powerful and provocative design language ever seen in a Vantage. A hunter, light in weight and is therefore light in it’s visual language. It is based on a single line under tension, inspired by the DB10 and the extreme track-only Aston Martin Vulcan, blending the two unique design languages together into a form that is sculpted, dynamic, pure and elemental”.

The Front Profile

Other than predatory stance, it  seems the lip part of front profile is also inspired by extreme track-only Aston Martin Vulcan.  New front  head-LED-lights create a strong and unmistakable graphic combination of old vantage and  DB10. Bonnet onward designers clearly have taken cue from DB 10.

Rear Profile

The first thing that catches the eye here is the new tail light design. There can be two thing.

  1. That designer were so tired of designing other parts of the car that take took some eighties Japanese car tail light design and molded it to match the front upper lip  with addition of led.
  2. They really wanted to highlight the aggressive nature of the car. And with cleverly design rear vents around the exhaust pipes not only support the aggressive theme of the car but also support the aerodynamics.

Side Profile

The Vantage’s designers liken the shape to a shark: always in motion, seeking its prey. A narrowed greenhouse — the openings for the windows and windshields — makes the car appear lower, more connected to the ground.

Interior Profile

The design story continues inside the Vantage, with a dynamic and focused sports car cockpit that rejects long, fluid curves in favor of sharp, focused lines denoting the more aggressive nature of the car. A high waist interior theme and lower driving position creates a more immersive driving experience, and contributes to significant gains in occupant space and significant improvement in headroom compared with the outgoing Vantage.

Conclusive design impressions: with subtle lines and familiar silhouette its definitely Aston Martin. And with aggressive lip and rear design it makes clear that new Aston Martin vintage is no longer beautiful only, it is much more.

Little Aerodynamic details

Aerodynamic performance was central to the Vantage design concept. The front splitter directs airflow underneath the car, where a system of fences channels cooling air where  needed. And also ensures the rear diffuser is fed with clean airflow.

Together with the new side gills, which bleed air pressure out from the front wheel arches, and the pronounced up-swept rear deck lid, the Vantage generates a significant level of down-force – a rarity on any production car and a first for a core production Aston Martin model.

Matter of Heart

The heart of the Aston Martin Vantage is a potent new alloy, 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. This high performance, high efficiency engine returns a CO2 figure of *245g/km. And develops 510 PS at 6000 rpm and 685Nm from 2000-5000rpm. The  ZF eight-speed automatic transmission  allow the engine to be in its most powerful / efficient speed range for longer depending on driver demand. With a dry weight of 1530kg this gives the Vantage formidable power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios. And  bonus, Vantage comes with a truly intoxicating soundtrack.

 The Fact sheet

  • 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.
  • A maximum speed of 195 mph.
  • Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Torque Vectoring.
  • The speed-dependent electric power steering has 2.4 turns lock-to-lock.
  • First time on an Aston Martin, the new Vantage also features an Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff). Unlike a conventional LSD, it can go from fully open to 100% locked in a matter of milliseconds.
  • New Pirelli P Zero tyres developed specifically for new Vantage.
  • And Adaptive Damping System incorporates Sky-hook technology and offers the choice of Sport, Sport Plus and Track modes.
  • The backbone of the new Vantage is its bonded aluminium under-frame.
  • While the architecture of the car is evolution of Aston Martin’s next generation platform (DB11).
  • Yet 70% of its components are bespoke to the Vantage
  • At 4465mm, the car is 284mm shorter than DB11, and is 34mm shorter than a Porsche 911.
  • The under-frame features a solidly-mounted sub-frame which creates an immensely rigid structure providing a very stable platform.
  • The suspension uses a forged double wishbone design at the front and a multi-link system at the rear.
  • The braking system features ventilated two-piece 400mm cast-iron discs at the front, with ventilated 360 mm discs at the rear. And to grip them, there are 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers.


The dynamic brief for the new Vantage was simple. Make it as exciting and engaging as possible without compromising its everyday usability or making it too challenging for drivers of all abilities. The key to achieving this objective was complete integration of the engine, transmission, E-Diff, Dynamic Torque Vectoring, Dynamic Stability Control, Adaptive Damping and the electric power steering systems, which work in harmony to offer three distinct dynamic modes – Sport, Sport Plus and Track.

The new Vantage is on sale now with a recommended retail price from £120,900 in the UK, €154,000 in Germany and $149,995 in the USA. Deliveries are going to begin during the second quarter of 2018.

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