Apollo IE

Apollo IE : Pureness is a rare Emotion

Apollo IE, (where IE stands for “Intensa Emozione”, literally,  means intense emotion) may not fastest or most beautiful car ever made but it is sexier than a Ferrari and wilder than a Lamborghini and more pure than Porsche. And i would say the car justify the suffix more than 100%. These two simple words carry great significance – they aptly describe everything about the car. This hyper-car is a product of passion not computers.

This car perfect embodiment of  the brand Apollo which stands for a brand with passion, ideal and demands. Everything from design to the engine is all about pureness. There seems to be no compromise made while designing this car. Therefore it will be super-exclusive limited to 10 and costing almost 3 million dollars. This is not any other hyper-car with world class performance, but  this machine is a true event to drive which inspire intense emotions.

Don’t let it confused with a Bat-mobile

Apollo IE can easily fools you for a bat- mobile. And of course it fit the bill absolutely. I would say if it is to be a Bat-mobile then it would have been the sexiest Bat-mobile ever. But even Batman is also not that lucky as there is no more left on the shelf. All 10 have their respective owners. He would have to wait for Apollo Arrow coming in 2019.

Designed in a Wind Tunnel!

Inspired by tactile fighter jets to apex predators such as sharks and raptors,the Apollo IE brings an intensively striking design language. The designers sculpted IE’s radical body surfaces  for tremendous efficiency and highly optimized functionality.

The body of the IE narrates the language of the movement of airflow. The idea of the IE is to pierce through and manipulate the air around and also through the vehicle.  A narrow teardrop shaped glass house allows the IE to achieve its stunning, bold and balanced proportions.

Apollo IE

A carbon monocoque, that also incorporates carbon fibre front and rear sub-frames with structural supports such as the rear spine and wing mounts designed in order to achieve and sustain over 1350 kg of down-force.

Prominent elements such as the striking shark like nose, distinctive side aero fins, large angled wing mounts and the trident exhausts, make it instantly recognizable as an Apollo.

When a heart is pure…..

No turbos. No hybrid systems. A proper balance of old and new. The Apollo IE is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine. This ICE unit produces in excess of 780 hp and 760 nM of torque and revs to 9,000 rpm.

The power and torque of the Apollo IE is transmitted through a longitudinal Hewland sequential 6-speed+Rev gearbox with fully interchangeable gear ratios. The gearbox is operated via electro-pneumatic paddle shifters that move with the steering wheel so the next gear is always within the driver’s reach.

The IE also features three engine Map-modes : Wet, Sport, Track.

Its not just a car but……

A car with its own soul.  And a car that provides the driver with modern, yet nostalgically pure, unadulterated sensory experience. A car that is fuel for the senses and that lives and breathes with Intense Emotion. This Apollo IE.  And keep reading The Autolane for intense Emotions.


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