• The Grand Jaguar Tour

    The Grand Jaguar Tour : Time to prove the Reliability

    The Grand Jaguar Tour was perfect example to demonstrate that how one should never rely on the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to promote your brand or is it? Lets find out . This Episode explains the real purpose of sunroof in cars, Jaguar is for thieves, Canadian can be British, a warning to fire department and James may is Immortal. Lets start the review with this. Out for reliability The group of three idiots take it in their hands to prove that old Jaguar were fantastic and ever reliable. They brought three pieces of junk from the struggling days of Jaguar. The Car(ap)s were XK8…

  • Vulcan S

    Vulcan S : A New year gift from Kawasaki India

    In the form of Vulcan S , Kawasaki India gave the prefect new year gift to the Indian bike lovers. Sharing a little tweaked engine from sibling Ninja 650, Vulcan S will be first ever cruiser from Kawasaki in India. In a low profile event the model has been introduced however the proper  unveiling take place at the Delhi Auto Expo Show in February. It will directly stack up against the Royal Enfield 650 twins and Harley Davidson Street Range. The cruiser is stylish, urban and a very suitable option for all riders including new riders and female riders. It stands apart due to the fact of its parallel twin engine, unique…

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